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BENTOMAT Geosynthetic Clay Liners - BECO Bermüller

As well as conserving natural raw materials and reducing excavation, the thinner BENTOMAT Geosynthetic Clay Liners also allow comparatively larger volumes of waste to be deposited in landfill sites. The use of bentonite mats is therefore more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than the conventional method of construction.

Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository

The Onkalo spent nuclear fuel repository is a deep geological repository for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, the first such repository in the world for high level waste. It is near the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in the municipality of Eurajoki, on the west coast of Finland.

New Look at Recycling Green Sand

"The need for a process to recover usable bentonite and carbon from the dust collector 'waste' has been recognized for decades," McMillin wrote. "However, the bentonite is typically bonded to the fine sand particles and very difficult to separate. Both dry and wet process have been tried …, but with limited success."

Multiple-Barrier System | The Nuclear Waste Management

Barrier 1: The Nuclear Fuel Pellet The first barrier in the multiple-barrier system is the fuel pellet. Fuel pellets are made from uranium dioxide powder, baked in a furnace to produce a hard, high-density ceramic.

Scale-model test for disposal pit of high-level radioactive

Bentonite is attracting greater attention in Japan and some other countries as a buffer for use in repositories of high-level radioactive waste (HLW). Bentonite-based buffers for HLW disposal are expected, because of their swelling deformation, to fill spaces between buffers and walls of disposal pits or between buffers and waste containers ...

Containing, Disposing of Drilling Mud and Drilling Cuttings

Jun 01, 2015 · Go into the project with a firm understanding of the containment, transport and disposal of all of the drilling generated waste streams, including the drilling mud. Read the contract carefully and make the owner/consultant responsible for the containment, storage, testing, transport and disposal of all drilling generated wastes, including the drilling fluids and well development and testing water.

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MassDEP Waste Disposal Bans

Waste bans boost recycling and support the recycling industry, which contributes thousands of jobs and millions of dollars to the Massachusetts economy. By cutting down on disposal, the waste bans also help us capture valuable resources, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lessen our ...

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Construction & demolition waste material generation U.S. by

Dec 04, 2019 · U.S. construction & demolition waste debris generation by material 2017 U.S. C&D debris generation by source 2017 U.S. generation of construction & demolition debris by material 2015

Pacific Bentonite Ltd

Pacific Bentonite is engaged in the research, design, development, production and commercialization of clay barrier products that can be used as forms of environmental protection. As Fibre-clay is impervious to moisture, it can act as a liner or cover for items such as landfills or municipal water.

Waste Disposal Design and Construction

Waste Disposal Design and Construction. ... Many of Envirotech’s technical team have experience with clay and bentonite-amended soil liners as well as all types of ...

Hazardous-waste management

Hazardous-waste management - Hazardous-waste management - Remedial action: Disposal of hazardous waste in unlined pits, ponds, or lagoons poses a threat to human health and environmental quality. Many such uncontrolled disposal sites were used in the past and have been abandoned. Depending on a determination of the level of risk, it may be necessary to remediate those sites. In some cases, the ...

Wyo-Ben, Inc. Products

SOLIDIBOND™ 1.1 is a proprietary mineral based super absorbent polymer blend for use in solidification of aqueous slurries. The inorganic mineral base aids in capturing heavy metals while the super absorbent polymer efficiently takes up water turning the slurry More... to a solid that passes the paint filter test for solid waste disposal.

4-28 Excavation, Retrieval, and Off-Site Disposal

A list of vendors offering Soil Excavation, Retrieval, and Off-Site Disposal Treatment is available from EPA REACH IT which combines information from three established EPA databases, the Vendor Information System for Innovative Treatment Technologies (VISITT), the Vendor Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System (Vendor FACTS), and the Innovative Treatment Technologies (ITT ...

Hazardous Waste Disposal

12/3/2013 · As a licensed waste carrier for hazardous waste disposal with ADR certified operatives and accredited by the UK Spill Accreditation Scheme, the company has won new business within all sectors of the waste industry. Government figures forecast growth in the sector of 2.7% next year, outstripping the 2.4% forecast for overall economic expansion.

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bentonite clay Companies and Suppliers in Arkansas

AquaBlok, Ltd. is a manufacturer of composite (clay-based) materials utilizing its patented coating and amendment approach. The company has a long history in the environmental industry and a range of products utilized in sediment remediation technologies.

Investigation of Slurry Cutoff Wall Design and Construction

PB87-229688 Investigation of Slurry Cutoff Wall Design and Construction Methods for Containing Hazardous Wastes Cincinnati Univ., OH Prepared for Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, OH \ug 87 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Technical Information Service NTIS ...

Environmental Impacts of Construction and Demolition Waste

Recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW) materials and reusing them in construction is an effective way to dispose of them. Simultaneously, CDW can be used as a substitute for ...


DelHur provides a multitude of heavy civil construction services: Mass Excavation - Earthworks Highway and Road Construction Environmental Remediation Reclamation Infrastructure and Utility Installation Reservoir and Storage Ponds Pugmill Processing and Soil Amending Aggregate Processing Crushing Drilling and Blasting Washing Services by Market: For additional information regarding DelHur’s ...

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Storage and Disposal Options for Radioactive Waste

Most low-level radioactive waste is typically sent to land-based disposal immediately following its packaging. Many long-term waste management options have been investigated worldwide which seek to provide publicly acceptable, safe and environmentally sound solutions to the management of intermediate-level waste and high-level radioactive waste.

How to Dispose of Bentonite | Home Guides

Provide the clay to a water cleaning processor. The high level of bentonite in the clay can be used to purify heavy metals that are found in contaminated water. Contact a liquid waste disposal company if to remove all of the bentonite slurry if it is qualified as liquid waste in your area.

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(PDF) Bentonite processing

Special use of bentonite, where its absorbing properties are employed to provide water-tight sealing is for an underground repository in granites In this paper, bentonite processing and ...

Bentonite Clay 50lb. bag

Sodium Bentonite Clay. 50lb. bag covers approx. 100 sq. ft.Sodium bentonite has proven to be one of the most effective sealants on the market. The fact that sodium bentonite swells many times its mass, then forms a strong water and chemical proof seal makes it an ideal, inexpensive, permanent, and easy to install liner.

Hazardous Waste Disposal in South Wales

As a licensed hazardous waste carrier, GD Environmental is qualified to carry all quantities of hazardous waste from a small test tube to an arctic lorry load. Under the regulations of National Resource Wales, our operation is compliant with all forms of transport legislation, duty of care, the environmental protection act and hazardous waste ...

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