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Carbon fibre reinforced composite waste: An environmental

The use of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs) has been steadily increasing across a wide range of industrial, sporting and transport applications. Over the last decade the annual worldwide demand for carbon fibre (CF) has risen from approximately 16,000–55,000 tonnes per year and is expected to reach 140,000 tonnes by 2020 . However ...

Environmental Stress Cracking of Interior Polymers

Environmental Stress Cracking of Interior Polymers of a Car (PC/ABS and ABS) Ashish Kumar Bhalla Master of Science Thesis Interior Polymers Group Volvo Car Corporation Torslanda, Sweden Joint Nordic Five Tech - Polymer

Probabilistic analysis of soil suction and cracking in fibre

2020-01-22 · Compacted bare soil showcased the highest desiccation compared to reinforced specimens, particularly at high suction range (near 4000 kPa). The peak CIF was less for fibre-reinforced samples because of the ‘bridge effect’ of fibres. Coir fibre, being multifilament and highly ductile, had showcased the lowest CIF values.

Mortar for repairs and casting

2016-09-20 · APPLICATION AREA Confix m/PP-fiber is a dry mortar specifically designed for repairs, reinforcement and maintenance of concrete in thickness 10-50 mm in areas where strength, low shrinkage and density are crucial. Examples of use: • Bonded screeds and repair with a monolithic bond

A Review on Natural Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite and

Fiber reinforced polymer matrix got considerable attention in numerous applications because of the good properties and superior advantages of natural fiber over synthetic fibers in term of its relatively low weight, low cost, less damage to processing equipment, good relative mechanical properties such as tensile modulus and flexural modulus, improved surface finish of molded parts composite ...

Top 10 Eco-friendly Substitutes for Plastic

10: Glass - Glass is one of 10 eco-friendly substitutes for plastic. Visit HowStuffWorks to discover the rest of the 10 eco-friendly substitutes of plastic.

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CEMEX Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Advanced Polypropylene fibre concrete. Advanced Polypropylene Fibre Concrete is a pioneering combination of fine and coarse monofilament polypropylene fibres which takes concrete to a new level of performance. The introduction of these fibres result in increased toughness and ductility of hardened concrete.

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Mixing fiber and power lines in aerial fiber deployments

The last mile of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Cabinet (FTTC) aerial fiber deployments often run through crowded environments, where space is at a premium. Street lights, existing telephone poles, power lines, street signs, buildings and trees all jostle for position, especially in urban areas.

Post-cracking performance of recycled polypropylene

Recycled PP fibres were produced through a melt spinning and hot drawing process. • Mechanical properties of recycled PP fibre were studied. • Post-cracking behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete was assessed by CMOD and RDPT.

Crack development in steel-fibre-reinforced concrete members

Within this framework, the aim of this paper is to shed new light on the crack control exhibited by steel-fibre-reinforced concrete (SFRC), having high post-cracking residual strength, in combination with steel rebars. In this regard, 32 tension ties under direct

Recycling of Polypropylene (PP)

Jun 25, 2012 · The Environmental Benefits of Recycling PP. Recycling of polypropylene is emerging as an important, and economically viable, option on a large scale. The main benefit of recycling PP is the reduction in the consumption of raw, finite resources such as oil and propene gas.

Environmental stress cracking: A review - Robeson - 2013

Environmental stress failure of polymers (specifically glassy thermoplastics) is a major failure mode in application end use. The environmental stress failure discussion will primarily be limited to non‐reactive environments. Crystalline polymers and even lightly crosslinked polymers can exhibit similar failure to glassy polymers but often require a much higher external applied stress.

Restrained shrinkage cracking of fiber-reinforced self-consolidating concrete

Fiber-reinforced self-consolidating concrete (FRSCC) is a new type of concrete mix that can mitigate two opposing weaknesses: poor workability in fiber-reinforced concrete and cracking resistance in plain concrete. This study focused on cracking of FRSCC due to restrained drying shrinkage, one of the most common causes of cracking.

Influence of Eichhornia crassipes fibre on water retention and cracking

2020-01-22 · The main objective of this paper is to explore the influence of inclusion of waste WH fibres on hydraulic characteristics (water retention and cracking) of vegetated soils. Three soil series including bare (without vegetation) soil (BS), soil + grass (SG) and soil + grass + WH-fibre …

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PVC vs. PET vs. PP | Which Material should I use for Packaging?

May 02, 2018 · Advantages of PP. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic that is being used currently in many fashions. In the vast variety of applications in which PP is used, here are a few ways PP has already changed the world. The product is in global demand because it can do things other plastics can’t. For instance, PP can substitute some gears.

Polypropylene Chemical Resistance Guide

with polypropylene than polar media such as ethanol and acetone. Some reduction in tensile strength and an increase in ˛exibility and elongation-to-break in tension can be expected, depending on the nature and amount of the organic medium absorbed. HMC PP resins have excellent resistance to environmental stress-cracking. When

Engineering and Microstructural Properties of Fiber

Aug 08, 2018 · The concrete industry is a remarkable point source of carbon dioxide emission due to the disintegration of raw materials and burning of fuel during the cement manufacturing process. One efficient way to minimize such detrimental environmental effects is utilizing waste and byproduct materials as cement replacements in concrete.


2020-04-15 · To eliminate the environmental crazing and cracking, many methods like surface coating, stress reduction are adopted. However, due to the complicity of the environmental effects, especially the effects in organic environment, it's hard to find a general solution and remove the effect completely.

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Development of recycled polypropylene plastic fibres to reinforce

The LCA results showed that industrial 100% recycled PP fibre offers significant important environmental benefits over virgin PP fibre and SRM. Specifically, the industrial recycled PP fibre can save 93% of CO₂ equivalent, 97% of PO₄ equivalent, 99% of water and 91% of oil equivalent, compared to the SRM.

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites for Construction—State-of

May 02, 2002 · A concise state-of-the-art survey of fiber-reinforced polymer (also known as fiber-reinforced plastic) composites for construction applications in civil engineering is presented. The paper is organized into separate sections on structural shapes, bridge decks, internal reinforcements, externally bonded reinforcements, and standards and codes.

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Effects of Steel Fibres on Cracking in Reinforced

CHALMERS, Civil and Environmental Engineering V Preface This thesis is done within a research project concerning cracking of conventionally reinforced, self-compacting steel-fibre-reinforced concrete, and was carried out at the

Polypropylene Production Capacity, Market and Price

All About Polypropylene (PP): Production, Price, Market & its Properties What is Polypropylene (PP)? Polypropylene (PP) also termed as “polypropene” is thermoplastics in nature. It is a linear hydrocarbon polymer expressed as (CnH2n). PP polymer is one of the

Composite Strain Hardening Properties of High Performance

Among the different hybrid concretes, long fibre combinations of steel-PP fibres showed higher postcrack toughness value around 110.45 N-m and a similar increase up to 108.9 N-m was anticipated in the case of PP fibre combinations. In the case of short fibre combinations of steel-PP fibres the maximum PCT was measured around 95.3 N-m.

Environmental Cracking-resistanconcrete Pp Fibre function of parts of a concrete plant

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